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Educational Center for International Students

To assist international students in adjusting to Kyung Hee University's educational system and improving academic ability prior to beginning regular coursework, the Educational Center for Foreign Students has been established at the Humanitas College. The Center posts announcements and useful information such as the webzine, e-books, online lectures, and academic affairs like course registration.

Major Roles

Academic consulting and instruction

Consulting international students for adjustment to Kyung Hee University's education system

Guiding students through the course registration process

Academic management

Creating a database to better consult and manage international students

Publishing a webzine that provides useful information for international students

Course development

Developing exclusive elective courses and textbooks for international students

Online lecture and e-book development

Developing and providing online lectures with Korean subtitles for international students who have limited Korean language proficiency

Academic support program

Administering an extracurricular program to help international students upgrade learning abilities

Visitor Information

Room 204, 2nd floor, Cheongwoon Building (Seoul Campus)
9:00 AM-5:30 PM (weekdays; lunch break from 12:00 PM-1:00 PM)
Academic consulting, course registration assistance, international student elective courses information
Number of advising faculty members

Educational Center for International Students  

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